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The Story Of Bud´s

Where It All Began

From a young age Bud was an avid hunter and fisherman. Bud always wanted other people to enjoy his hobbies as much as he does. Therefore, opening the store was his best way to help the Huntington area learn of the great outdoors by sharing his knowledge and supplies. Bud was motivated to create a place where people could come in and share their love of the outdoors with a community. From day one Bud's dream was backed by his family and wouldn’t be standing here today without their support.

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Two-year war veteran Bud Kramer is an avid fisherman, hunter, and outdoorsman. He enjoys the outdoors but enjoys it even more when he can share his expertise with his family and friends. Bud is a hardworking, good hearted man who just wants people to enjoy the same hobbies as he does. He figured the best way to do that would be to open a sporting goods store that specializes in all of the things he loves. Even after 40 years of ownership Bud is still excited to come into work every day to serve his community with passion and expertise.



Jeff began his career at Bud’s at the age of 10 picking nightcrawlers as bait for the shop. Two years later Jeff was promoted from playing in the dirt to a part time position working in the store with his family. Jeff shared the same interests as Bud in wanting to give the good people of Huntington the knowledge and supplies to go out and enjoy his favorite activities. Once Jeff turned 18, he took over the position of general manager and two years later learned how to do the bookkeeping duties so that his Grandparents could retire fully. Ever since then, Jeff has been working at Bud’s as their general manager with the utmost pride and joy in the business and industry he works for.

What Our Clients Say About Us...

Scott S.

Excellent service, and thank u very much for giving me the guidance, knowledge, i wanna thank family, and good friends too especially.
5 Star Review - Facebook

Boyd T.

Been stopping here with my dad since I was tiny.
Great people , great equipment and fair prices.
Shop local.
5 Star Review - Facebook

Mathew P.

Great Folks with Great Product at Fair Prices! Top Notch!
5 Star Review - Facebook

908 W Markle Rd, Huntington, IN 46750